“. . .her journal is a mirror, in which, while she examines her own journey, she makes us reflect upon ours. . . bringing us face to face with the everyday, minute details of that portentous voyage - her desperations, her fears, the amazing burden of the kindness of people who supported her throughout, her finding her feet slowly on the quicksand of her life that was simply passing her by. These details help us not only to understand how powerfully truthful and reflective she is of her own life, but also draws out the deep seated resolve to blaze back into life that she had to waken in herself. The evocation is quite clearly in the spirit of such open hearted sharing that you might want to lift your hand and seek her touch as you touch your own heart for strength. Ruchi, thank you for being who you are and invoking in each one of us, that tiny little light that refuses to die into the night.”
Arundhati Ghosh
“ . . .It took courage for Ruchi to expose herself to all of us like she does in this book. She has given us at-that-moment feelings and thoughts. She is to be commended for this. She had the option to keep this journal to herself. I daresay that most of us would have done exactly that. Ruchi, you have made us feel just a very small part of what you had to go through. Your title page for section II (page 89) is CHOOSING TO BE FREE. I think that sums up your attitude. Bravo.”
“. . .Revealed in personal messages shared only with an iPhone are many of the raw emotions and insights that can require years of self-search to discover. Recovery doesn’t necessarily mean going back. It can also mean moving forward. Sometimes from adversity comes a new creation.”

Dave Delgado, Principal, Cambrian International High School.

“. . .To go through a physical devastation, mentally-splintering, and then regrouping… to also go nail a large scam, and then come out the other side talking about it in a candid lucid confessional style, is nothing short of courageous. Your survival is of course post-human. You survived that metal wreck and came back with a mind made up of metal along the path of resilience. That too with a winning smile.
This is not literary. This is not escapist. This is something that brings one back to oneself in those life-moments in a staccato-memoir post-modernistic style.”

Rochelle Potkar, Author and Writer-in-residence at University of Iowa, Iowa City.

“. . .A steep climb back from physical, emotional, financial, psychological hell. But you made it, and how. And had the guts to share your story. That itself demands a huge hat tip. Another hat tip to your two chief allies; no one could have asked for better, greater ones. . . .”

Shampa Dhar Kamath, Managing Director, New Indian Express


Customer Reviews

“A Conscious Peace has a little bit of all of us within it.”
“Written in beautiful prose, this brave story shines a light on the struggles many people face when fighting against PTSD, depression, and recovery. From a traumatic accident to the ‘one-two-three’ knockout punches she endured, this woman is a true survivor.”
“Such an inspirational story about survival and rediscovering yourself after tragedy. I found the journal format extremely interesting because you could really feel her emotions during different parts of her journey. Amazing what one person could endure and how family, love and hope make all things possible.”
“Beautifully written and very inspirational. Insight into the physical and more importantly the emotional struggles when recovering from an accident. Amazing the strength we can find within ourselves. Great read!”
“Amazing woman! Incredibly articulate and passionate. Read it in one sitting, very compelling and compassionate. LOVED it!”
“The book touched me in more ways than I can tell. From the horror of being entombed in her car to the point where she feels liberated-it was like a journey with you- pointing out places, giving us the privilege of gaining access to her remotest and most profound thoughts. . . .”
“To me this true story is evidence that one person CAN make a difference-GLOBALLY! What an incredible outcome! This is not just a story of rising up from adversity but also one of an inspired and inspiring crusade to stop others falling victim to unscrupulous grow-rich-quick schemes. I was impressed with the research, the persistence, and the driving force. . . .”
“From the fateful day on which Ruchi finds herself trapped in a horrifying car wreck and her life begins to unravel as she grapples with its destructive side effects and if that weren’t enough life deals her another unkind blow which would have shaken the faith of the most ardent believer to her ultimate moment of triumph, I can feel nothing but admiration for the indomitable courage she displays and her ‘I’ve had enough; don’t mess with me attitude.’’
“What a story! Shocking, inspiring and uplifting. Engaging writing style, very easy and gripping read.”
“I couldn’t put the book down. I even read it out load to my husband so he could understand what I was reading and talking to him about. . . .”
“. . .allows the reader to connect to her on a personal level with her in her pain through her journey. It is not a “here-is-what-I-did-to-get-through-my-pain how to book.” She speaks with honesty and raw feelings of grief, hurt, sadness and pain, but more importantly of hope.”