Ruchi Rai is a proud wife and mother who lives in the Silicon Valley with her husband, Ashutosh, her son, Adhiraj, and their little dog, Ollie. 

Born in India on August 7, 1966, Ruchi Rai studied English literature and education and took up a career as an educator.

Working with students at a variety of levels with the knowledge and skills gained through the various degrees she earned in the philosophy of education and those specific to children with special needs and abilities, Ruchi found her career stimulating and rewarding.

She now enjoys volunteering her time as a mentor to adults working with children.

Ruchi’s life was unfolding exactly as she might have planned it when she was a young girl. A respected teacher at a prestigious school, she had a successful, supportive husband, an outstanding thirteen-year-old son, and a dear little puppy who all loved her more than anything.
And then Fate intervened. A careless driver cut across her and set off an avalanche of life changes that threatened to disrupt all of life as she knew it.
As she struggled to come back from the chaos Fate had dealt her, she faced the most difficult choice of her life: give in to the bleak circumstances she found herself in, or stand up to Fate and fight back.
In this raw, intensely personal journal, written entirely on her iPhone, Ruchi writes openly and honestly about the pain of healing and the difficulty of picking up the pieces of life. Her vulnerability offers a rare and moving glimpse into the process of healing from life’s traumas.
— Background of "A Conscious Peace" My iPhone Journal